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I wake up tied down. By my judgment, it was probably at least four hours later. Zemo looks at me with that usual cocky grin on his face. "My dear Anamar Rogers, how is it you've found your way here?" he asks.

I reply, "I don't know Heinrich; you tell me."

He says his German accent heavily obvious, "You are here because of your own ignorance, your own arrogance. You thought you could take me alone because you are Steven's, or should I say Captain America's, daughter. Yes, Little Miss America… America's most loved daughter. Their most loyal daughter as the news reels put it eh? Yes, I wonder if Roosevelt will tell the world that you have gone missing. Do you think Roosevelt would kneel if I threatened to hand over his favorite political plaything?" I wince at being called Little Miss America for I resent the name.

I reply, "You know he wouldn't because I'm a soldier, serving my country everyday and ready to die for it any day."

He replies, "Are you not his personal plaything now too? Hmm… you have been spending much time with King Roosevelt."

I say, "No, I'm not. You know very well who wants to court me, and it's not Franklin."

He says, "Ah, yes. Mr. Howard Stark… I am surprised he hasn't won you yet. His affluency, looks, and charm. Tell me, what is it that turns you off about him?"

I reply, "Not my type. You're more my type than he is."

Zemo replies, "I can help you get rid of that conceited prick, if you like. I only kidnapped you to show you I could." He smiles smugly.

I say curiously, "You would do that for me?"

Zemo says, "Of course. Why would I have reason not to?" His blue eyes lock on mine.

I ask, "What's in it for you?"

He says, "That is for me to know and for you and the Allies to find out at a later date."

I reply, "Alright Zemo, I'll make a deal with the devil in order to get rid of Stark."

He laughs and says, "I'm far from the work of Satan, Anamar. Shall we say New York City, five days from now, at six p.m.?"

I say sarcastically, "Sounds lovely Heinrich."
Well Zemo's toying with our hero again. You can obviously tell that those two have an interesting history. And Zemo, may have one of stalking
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November 14, 2012
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